Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Hi..in kuwait i live in an apartment in Mangaf..its the name of the town..my apartment consist of two rooms, 1 toilet and 1 bathroom..living room agak luas and the kitchen is cute..hahahha...the house is fully air-cond,my neighbours r malaysians most of them..and some indonesians..i think the compound is safe for my son and the children..i stay at the first floor..naik tangga je dah sampai rumah..lift ada jugak..tapi naik tangga dapat exercise..hehehehehhe... at the ground floor ada gym and swimming pool..teringin nak pegi gym tapi xde member nak teman...ahaks! food delivery is very popular here and i mean, if mummy malas masak, just give a call, order your food and they will send it to ur door...easy ey..? u can order briyani, seafoods, fast food, and many more...we have indian food, arab food, thai food, indon food and even malay food here...tapi malay food tu rasa xsedap cam mak masak kat malaysia...hehhehehe...


  1. Enjoy yourself in Kuwait! :D


  2. thanks tika..i will..tika n arif pon njoy la ur life in uk k..:) take care!



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