Wednesday, January 12, 2011

bounce aqeel, bounce!

hi guys..*waves* 
i have a new toy..hihihihi... it's a bouncer.. papa bought it for me because i easily get fed up laying on the couch and i will cry my heart out to get attention! hehehehehe... notty me! 

yes, saya sudah pandai demand! muahahahaha!

saya ketawa manja sebab suka hati dapat pow papa saya beli bouncer ini..=)
 ada music yang bisa mengantukkan saya dan juga bunyi cengkerik dan air terjun..hohoho...

 my new friends---> Mr. escargot & Mr. ant..

hi papa! i love you..=)

but i love my bantal bucuk moooree!!! hehehehe..

this is my bouncer:

Shown in Bella Vista Fashion!

The only bouncer that truly bounces, powered by Hybridrive™ Technology. Traditional bouncer seats don’t actually bounce, but the InGenuity™ Automatic Bouncer™ features a unique Technology that provides a smooth, consistent bounce that mimic’s mom’s natural bouncing motion.

Features and Benefits:

  • Automatic Bounce with 2 bounce speeds: low or moderate
  • Battery Savings – more than 2X the battery life of other bouncer seats
  • Removable Toy Bar – pivots back for easy access to baby
  • 10 Melodies and Nature sounds to soothe baby
  • Removable head rest
  • Cushioned bolster system for ultimate comfort
  • Integrated, cushioned foot rest
  • Machine Washable seat pad, bolster system, and head rest
  • 3 point Harness keeps baby secure
  • Non-slip feet 
more info, please go to :
Dmummy: pssstt!! papa, ferragamo butik dah nak bukan kat 360 mall....ngehngehngeh!



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