Tuesday, May 10, 2011

aqeel's milestone: 6 months plus.

as salam wbt.
meh cakap pasal anak plak..this time bout aqeel.. alhamdulillah, he's 6 months plus and will be 7 months in a week..fuh, how time flies...kejap je dah besar.. so.. skarang macam-macam dah pandai.. antaranya ialah...
  1. he can crawl well..backward and forward.
  2. he is now learning to sit.
  3. he loves food.( like his mum, heh ) his routine meal will be baby cereal, baby biscuits, steamed vege, toast and fruits. i give him plenty of water to help his digestion.
  4. i still breast feed him as usual.
  5. he can say pa-pa, da-da, ta-ta, and few baby language..
  6. he will scream to get attention from us. haih. *pening*
  7. he loves to smile. alot. he will smile if he sees a camera..
  8. he talks too much!
  9. his diaper size is 4 ( for 7-11 months ), besides he also wears cloth diapers at home.
  10. his weight is 8kg plus. 
  11. he now sleeps independently in his cot. mummy dah takde 'warmer' atas katil dah..:(
  12. he loves listening to nursery rhymes. 
  13. he bites! beware..
  14. he loves to play with his brother, afiq. aqeel will smile whenever he saw afiq.. brotherly love..:)
  15. he can hold his sipping cup well..

masam boy!

well, that's all for now, i think.. nanti ade perkembangan baru akan update later.

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