Saturday, December 24, 2011

Im alive..

As salam... Been very busy(lazeee) lately...have no time to update my blog... Dah bersawang haa..T_T now im more to INSTAGRAM! Yeay! I love taking photos and post them to my instagram acc.. Do check out my page @eddyayu.. I lurve taking pictures of nature esp clouds and sky.. C u there peeps!

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Location:Fahaheel Al Ahmadi St,Al Fahaiheel,Kuwait


  1. Lama tak dengar khabar Ayu..Ayu sihat?

  2. wah.. ade bakat jadi photographer nie.. :)

  3. Emy, alhamdulillah ayu sihat... Lappy xsihat so susah nak update blog... Hehehe...emy n kids ape khabar? Hope everything just doing fine..:) thanks for dropping by k!

    E'in..heheehehe...amik pics guna iphone je...pastu edit sket2... Minat jugak amik2 gambar ni...mane tau satu hari nnt boleh jd photog eh...:)



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