Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gergean Party

As salam wbt.
This time nak write bout Gergean Party. We attended the party on 11th august.. It was held @ 360 mall by my hubster's working company... What is a Gergean Party? I pon got no idea what it was till i attended the party.. Hahahha... Ku igt party tupperware ke... ;) ok, in Kuwait, gergean is a big event. This festival came from the old heritage of many of the gulf countries. Gergean is supposed to be the middle three days of the month of Ramadhan ( full moon). The kids dress in traditional clothes, and go around the neighbourhood in groups, singing some special songs. Well, this remind me of halloween! Hahaha... At each house they put some candy and nuts in each child's bag, which they wear around their necks. In these years, some changes happened; they make the expensive boxes and send them as a present....;) kat kuwait, even at school pon gergean party disambut.. Students join their teachers and bring baskets, bags and boxes full of candy and sweets...

the stage

barney, dora n the mc

thirsty afiq..

My happy son.. Dapat candy 3 kotak.. Hehehehe...

The candy boxes... Gamba pak arab pakai dasha... Cute!

Yang box biru tu pic pak arab dalam uniform company...;)

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  1. Alahai... bestnye... also, mmg cute kotak candy tu... :)

  2. hehe..hensemnyer die! the candy box is too cute! btw, LOVE this song sooo much n happy ramadhan! ^^

  3. Jom join giveaway dari Wanita2u pula. :)
    Hadiah mmg sangat menarik. Berbaloi-baloi join. Hehehe.



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