Thursday, August 11, 2011

soothing teething baby

as salam wbt.
alhamdulilllah dah 11 hari kita berpuasa ye... so far berpuasa kat sini ok je... afiq still hanging on... takde ponteng puasa lagi.. aqeel tak sihat sangat ni... tengah teething... sian kat dia..skali kuar gigi atas bawah.. mau tak demam hero i sorang tu... malam-malam nak tido pon tak lena... sian btol...:( asyik letak jari dalam mulut je... gigi bawah dah kuar 2 batang, gigi atas baru nampak sebatang, yang lagi satu on the way... maybe tu yang sakit i pon ape lagi, menggelabah lah sket...hehehehe... pembantu no 1 tentulah en. google...ahaks! semalam google " how to sooth teething baby "... jumpe banyak useful info and i want to share it here, mane tau ade mummies out there yang ade masalah yang same...sharing is caring kannnn...:)

which teeth come in first and how many will there be?

6 to 7 months
Two central bottom & Two central top teeth.
7 to 9 months
Two more incisors
Top & bottom; making four top & four bottom teeth in all.
10 to 14 months
First molars
Double teeth for chewing
15 to 18 months
The pointed teeth or “fangs”
2 to 3 years
Second molars
The second set of double teeth at the back

how can i help my baby? 

  • There are several things that you can try to help ease the pain of teething; some work and some don’t, but most parents agree they’re always worth a try.  Teething rings, water filled and chilled rubber teething toys; mom and dads fingers can all provide counter pressure that can sometimes bring relief.  Offering your baby a cold bottle of water can also help.  If sucking on the bottle bothers your child, offer a cold cup of water.  The water can also help replenish your baby’s fluid if they’re drooling a lot or have loose bowel movements. 
  • Cold food has also been found to be helpful by some parents.  Chilled applesauce, yogurt and pureed peaches may be more appealing to your baby and also more nutritious than a chilled teething ring. 
  •  When nothing else helps, you can also turn to the Infant Tylenol.  Before giving your child Infant Tylenol (acetaminophen) always check with your doctor first.  Your doctor will tell you if it’s all right and what the proper amount is to give your baby.  Baby Orajel and other teething pain medicines that are applied to the gums can also provide some relief.  Some parents say the Baby Orajel type products work great, while other parents will say it doesn’t.  Also check with your doctor before giving this type of over the counter pain reliever to your baby. 
taken from here.

ok, so far dah try the teething rings, cold ice water and giving aqeel ibuprofen every 8 hours. i kasi panadol panas tak reda la... kasi ibuprofen baru badan dia tak panas and dia ok sket...demam dia pon tak tinggi sangat tapi dia x selesa...makan nasik pon tak nak so i kasi cold puree to sooth his gum... hope aqeel get well soon k! and mummy cant wait to see the new set of teeth! sure look cute on u baby...:)

my two central bottom teeth!

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